New Dojo - The Honbu Mk2

Nishikan Martial Arts is excited to confirm The Honbu mk2 will be launching this Summer. We are really pleased to welcome SASS Wincanton as a permanent addition to our new facility.

Karate Face to Face Returns

Karate & Martial Arts Classes in Somerset & Dorset set to return in April

The Protection Pyramid

Don’t mistake self protection for self defence, self protection is all the stuff you need to know before the encounter. The Pyramid sets out 13 steps you will need to make a choice of too either avoid or to knock them out . In our opinion this is as important as your physical training.

Understanding Itosu’s Pinan (Heian) Kata

A discussion of (my personal view of) the implications for bunkai from examination of available information (augmented by existing personal knowledge (see previous article: Anko Itosu and Pinan (Heian) kata):

Anko Itosu and Pinan (Heian) kata

Between the firsts COVID lockdowns, on Sunday 26th August 2020, one day into my week-long Cornish holiday a comment, by Sensei Paul Hacker (my lead instructor since 1999 (sparked by our experiment to develop a Personal Training Tool ‘kata’, as part of my fith degree Go Dan Assessment)) led to a brief discussion amongst Paul, Steve and I over the bunkai of Pinan (Heian) Kata. The Pinan (Heian) kata formed my introduction to karate and I have been teaching them, and ideas about their application, for over 15 years.