New Dojo - The Honbu Mk2

New Dojo - The Honbu Mk2

Nishikan Martial Arts is excited to confirm The Honbu mk2 will be launching this Summer. We are really pleased to welcome SASS Wincanton as a permanent addition to our new facility.

We won’t be moving far, the new dojo is next to SJH Carpets, and will feature a fully matted training area, striking, strength & agility equipment, REAX reaction training and interactive systems powered by Martialytics. The 2nd floor will feature a multi-use space with a clubhouse feel.

Paul (6th Dan), Brett (5th Dan), Steve (4th Dan), have around 90 years of experience between them and have designed a curriculum that updates traditional karate for the modern age. We look forward to welcoming existing & new students to our brand new facility around June 2021. A new home for Wincanton Karate.

‘Times change, the world changes, and obviously the martial arts must change too.’ - Gichin Funakoshi

Paul Hacker

6th Dan - Chief Instructor

paul@nishikanmartialarts.com07967 125458