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Frequently Asked questions

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what equipment do i need?

To begin with all you need is a tshirt/hoodie and some jogging bottoms. We train in bare feet.Karate suits start from £20 and feature our kanji (logo), we also source some of the best suits in the industry, they have simply been tried and tested over many years!

do i have to sign a contract?

No you don't sign any contracts. Our clubs have a monthly rolling fee, if you stop then we stop billing you.You will though be asked to read and sign our Safeguarding policies.

how do i contact my instructor?

You can contact your Instructor via email, messaging or phone their contact details can be found on this website.
If you are already a member you can also use our new APP to contact your instructor.

what will i learn in my first lesson?

You will be introduced to some of the many aspects of the martial arts. Typically you will learn how to do some basic striking and kicking, receive instruction on how to apply these techniques to the striking equipment and perhaps go over how these moves are used in self-protection.The content of the class is age dependent, young children for instance do not go over the more in-depth techniques that adults do.

i have some health problems or existing injuries?

Speak to your instructor we can adapt training to suit, we realise one size doesn't fit all!

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